In-Home Cat Euthanasia

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Hardest Decisionog euthanas

Even when your cat's quality of life is clearly not what it once was and you're concerned that he/she may be suffering, the decision to put him/her to sleep can still be a difficult one to make.  Making the decision is often a painful and difficult process that many describe as heartbreaking or the hardest thing they've ever had to do.  Others may feel immense guilt or procrastinate and avoid making the decision altogether.


Although it's difficult, planning an at-home euthanasia for your ailing cat is usually the kindest and most humane thing that you can do.  Process -- talk openly, ask questions -- and plan things in advance as much as possible.  Doing these things can help to give you a greater sense of control in a difficult time, lessen the feelings of tension and dread that most of us feel, and allow for a more peaceful experience for everyone involved.